Thursday, 29 May 2014

Time for a wardrobe update, with some wide legged trousers....

Given that they have been absent from my wardrobe for many years, I decided that it was time for a pair of wide legged trousers to make an appearance.  I love skinny jeans, utility trousers and printed tailored trousers but these wide legged trousers just felt really fresh and different - and perfect for the warm weather.

When I bought the trousers from Jigsaw (£89), the assistant and I had a little bet as to whether Mr SG would ask me whether I was wearing my pyjamas. And guess what? He didn't disappoint. "Nice 'jamas love" he said when he saw them for the first time but then, when I wore them last night, he said that he really liked them.

Now, this is quite an unusual thing for him to say (clothes aren't really his thing) so I've concluded either that he's trying to make up for his previous (and admittedly very minor) misdemeanour OR he really does like them. I'm going for the latter option, only because he wouldn't have seen his first comment as anything other than hugely witty, funny and amusing, so there would have been no need to make up for it.

The width of the trousers meant that they need a fitted top and I'm wearing a cream cotton jumper, also from Jigsaw (£69). For info purposes, the trousers are quite generous in size - I'm wearing an 8 and they can be hand washed. Jigsaw also have another couple of pairs of wide legged trousers - one in linen and one in navy viscose. I've tried the navy ones and loved them but as they are dry clean only they weren't for me however they are rather lovely and would be great for work, or for a summer event with a pretty top. Just saying!

Now, what I would like to know from the other Mum who is accompanying me (plus our respective daughters) to the 1D concert in Manchester on Sunday, is whether she too has been doing her 1D homework and listening to their latest album? I'm throwing this one out there - does anyone know from which song the lyrics "So your friend's been telling me, you've been sleeping with my.... sweater" comes? I must admit to having to go back so that I could listen to the lyrics again to see what the girl had been sleeping with - partly because I couldn't have imagined 1D singing anything vaguely raunchy but also because I couldn't quite believe that it was a sweater she had been sleeping with either. Bring on Sunday!

ps Mr SG has just come up behind me to see what I'm writing about and his exact words were "nice trousers, what are you writing about - nightwear?" See what I have to put up with.