Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mum on the Run - Top of the tops

There's no doubt it, tops can be tricky. When I say "tops" I don't meant t-shirts, long sleeved plain tops, sweatshirts or breton tops, although they are of course tops - just not the kind that I am talking about. They are too plain for what I have in mind.
Nor do I mean going out skimpy, revealing, sparkly, expensive tops. What I am talking about are every day tops that you can wear with your jeans, that are a little bit pretty but that aren't too fancy, or too expensive, for every day wear. The kind of top that you might put on and which makes you feel nicely put together, as though you have made a bit of an effort, without going overboard. The kind of top that when you put it with the right bag and the right shoes, you can look at in the mirror and think "I don't look half bad." The kind of top that someone might say "Oh, I like your top" about. You get my drift.
So, when I was in Zara today and I spotted three tops, all of which I could quite happily own, I went back to take photographs of them. One nice top is worth remembering, two nice tops are worth telling someone about and three nice tops are worth photographing and sharing on the blog. One thing I would urge you to do though, if only for a laugh, is to follow the links to the tops. Oh golly the models look miserable, as if they hate the clothes and can't wait to get home.
First off there's the oriental print combination top (£22.99) which reminded me very much of a Ted Baker style print. The print has also been used on skinny jeans and a dress - so it might result in Zara print overload later on in the season but so far, so good. There are so many pretty colours in this top that it would be easy to pick one of them up somewhere else in your outfit - or not if that's not your style. 

Number 2 is this printed embroidered top £29.99  How fab would it look with a pair of beaten up jeans and sandals or flip flops on a hot day? I'm not one for revealing all during the summer but this would still keep me cool whilst covering up. It's a little bit floaty but the neat pleats around the neckline and shoulders will keep the silhouette neat, so it should avoid that smocked/pregnancy top style look. I'm thinking more Reese Witherspoon and less [insert name of your choosing]!

Number 3 is this Japanese top with embroidered sleeve £25.99. V-neck tops aren't easy to come by which is a real pain in the whatsit because they are so much more flattering on ladies with larger busts and there are lots of ladies with larger busts. The way that the waistband sits also means that the top is really flattering for any lady with a less than flat stomach - which would be most of us.  I think that the embroidered sleeve is really pretty and the eye will automatically be drawn to it, rather than towards the centre of the body and to those bits that we tend to like least...

Finally I just thought that I would show you these bow trim high heel court shoes (£85) from Dune. It's quite rare to see such bright blue shoes but for anyone looking for a pair of shoes to jazz up a simple dress, or to add some interest to a plain wedding outfit, or because they fancy introducing some coloured shoes into their wardrobe, these could just be them.

Oh and look what I received today by way of a free gift with my trainers, which I have now located. How cool is this? My very own Sports Direct mug. It's more than I get with most purchases!